Meet Our
Board of Trustees

The Historical Africa Cultural Center Advisory Board is a representation of the Global African Family as Board Members and Officers of the Non-Profit Organization. We have six regional communities, including the Diaspora. Each region is represented on our Board, in order to truly represent the entire Family.
Mr. Jide Adekala Animashaun
Born in Lagos, Nigeria. Jide Animashaun studied architecture at The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC). A resident of Los Angeles, California. Jide is married and has five adult children and two grandchildren. He loves sports, African culture & traditions and music.
Sir Knight Albert T. Fadonougbo
Sir Albert T. Fadonougbo
Vice President
Sir Knight Albert T. Fadonougbo. A Commercial Pilot, a well respected community leader and resident of Long Beach, California. He is the CEO, Uncle Al’s Seafood Restaurant. Long Beach. Has four grown up children, love sports and African culture as well.
Mr . Akeredolu
Mr. Gbeke Akeredolu
Gbeke Akeredolu is very passionate with the African Culture. It shows the humanity in our daily life. I’m a business entrepreneur. My hubbies are soccer, Basketball dancing etc. How to impact the younger generation culturally is my motivation.
Mr. Babatunde Ajose
Mr. Babatunde Ajose
Mr. Babatunde AJose was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

He came to the U.S. to continue his tertiary education, and after completing his Bachelors, went on to graduate school to specialize in International Business. Since then, he has served in the public sector as a professor of economics and business. He started and managed several private businesses in education, telecommunications, international business and manages an infrastructure development company in Nigeria and an exporting entity in California.

He is committed to building a bridge between Africans and the Diaspora, and dedicated to see a developed African Continent.