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In 2019, The Historical Africa Cultural Center launched its mission to promote African History, Culture and Traditions globally. We highlight ancient African traditions & customs, The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and The Arab Slave Trade, The Scramble for Africa, The Pre-Colonial Period, The Colonial Period, Post-Colonial Independence and The General Contemporary History of Africa, with a view to remedy the general misconceptions of Africa’s history. The challenge consists of reconstructing Africa’s history, freeing it from racial prejudices stemming from the slave trades and colonization, and promoting the truthful African perspective.

Until now, the Global African Family has been presented as distinct fractured groups, separated by oceans and false narratives. The Historical Africa Cultural Center wishes to break with this imposed and erroneous perspective of relations between Africa and her Diaspora.

By this, the Center wishes to make it possible to understand the history of relations between the members of the Global African Family as an interconnected and continuous process, comprising the circulation of people, knowledge, cultural exchange and matrix of the African heritage.

It will also make it possible to go beyond the issue of systematic racism and white supremacy and focus on Africa’s multifaceted presence in different regions of the world and the diversity of its influences on other cultures. In addition the General Contemporary History of Africa also provides a better understanding of the aspirations of new generations of the Global African Family to contribute to the African Renaissance and the establishment of global Pan-Africanism.

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