About Us

Historical Africa Cultural Center

We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, dedicated to promoting and exhibiting our ancient Africa’s Tradition, Arts & Craft, Music and Culture. Africa is a vast Continent and the culture depends on which part you visit. It is home to diverse populations, many of which have been influenced by external factors.  Each country has its own tribes, languages and cultural differences.

However, the originality of Africa’s heritage is eroding gradually, because her story is being misrepresented by various people who are unfamiliar with its roots. Despite the diversity, many aspects unite the Continent. It is to this end, that the Historical Africa Cultural and Center is seeking to achieve its objectives.


Our Mission is to promote African History, Culture and Traditions Globally.


Our Vision is to Unite the Global African Family toward the advancement of the African Continent.

Our Objectives

To provide a forum for dialogue of our heritage, decolonizing the African mind, affirming the Africa spirit, by incorporating the following programs:

African Cultural Centers

The Centers will display; Unique African Arts, Sculptures and Promote Vibrant & Dynamic Cultural Projects, Shows and Plays.

Fashion and Exhibition Of Ancient Occupational practices that are Still In Vogue In Today’s Technological World. We will present and maintain an Online/Virtual Museum and Cultural Centers.

Resource Centers

This center will provide information on all the Countries in the Five Regions of Africa i.e. Demographics: Population, Tribes, Languages, Mineral deposits, Business and Family contacts, etc.. these information can be viewed on our Digital/ Virtual Displays and at our physical center.

Each week/month, we’ll feature different Regions and highlight some achievements of the Diaspora. At the Resource Center, the Diaspora can meet, discuss and dialog with the Continental Africans and the African Embassy representatives. Here the African Marketplace will be featured:

The Inspiration Park

The Inspiration Park will highlight the guiding principles of integrity, honesty, perseverance, tolerance, social harmony, understanding, love and spirituality in daily African life. Visitors will be able to tour the park to experience these principles in action and understand their specific application to solving community problems.

It will be a unique and exciting opportunity to engage in an inspirational and interactive journey into Africa’s history, traditions, arts & crafts, music, culture and spirituality. A virtual version of the Inspiration Park is also in the works.

Some Highlights of Our Ancient History

  • African Civilizations and Empires
  • Discoveries and Inventions
  • Philosophy and Spirituality
  • Traders and Merchants
  • African Civilizations and Empires
  • Discoveries and Inventions
  • Philosophy and Spirituality
  • Traders and Merchants

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