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We are dedicated to promoting and exhibiting our ancient Africa’s History, Tradition & Culture, Arts & Craft and Music to educate and share with Africans, the Diaspora, and others.

For that reason, we ask that you join us in impacting the community by contributing to the critical work that we carry out. Thank you in advance for supporting Historical Africa Cultural Center.

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Our programs are diverse, enabling sponsoring partner organizations to direct a donation to the specific program that addresses their area of interest.

Our fund development team will work with you or your organization to find the program or event that best aligns with your philanthropic goals.

Please call: 1-310-756-6660, or email us at:

Each year, our events will bring more than 55,000 visitors to the Historical Africa Cultural Center, providing family-friendly experiences, creating a sense of community and generating opportunity for sponsoring partner organizations.

If you are interested in performing or selling items at one of the Historical Africa Cultural Center signature special events, please complete the Special Event Participation Form to be added to our database.

HACC hosts several annual signature special events tied into holidays, seasons and cultural celebrations. These productions provide opportunities to promote, entertain and enlighten the entire humanity about our ancient Africa’s tradition, arts & crafts, music and culture.

A platform for the community, The Global African Family will come together and experience Africa through exhibitions, music, art, activities and tours.

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We are always happy to create new partnerships and believe the best works and ideas happen when we work together.