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Historical Africa Cultural Center

The organization was established with the primary objective of creating a unified forum where the historical and cultural background of all tribes and people of all African countries, can be viewed and experienced a Glorious Pre-colonial Entity.

Our Mission is to understand our ancient history, and to promote our diverse traditional Heritage and cultures. We are uniting and promoting our unique heritage.

About Us

Historical Africa Cultural Center

In 2019, The Historical Africa Cultural Center launched the elaboration of the General Contemporary History of Africa, The Pre-colonial Period, The African Traditions & Customs, The Scramble for Africa, The Colonial Period, The Slave Trade, The Post-Colonial Independence and The Future of Africa etc. with a view to remedy the general ignorance on Africa’s history. The challenge consisted of reconstructing Africa’s history, freeing it from racial prejudices ensuing from slave trade and colonization, and promoting an African perspective.

General Contemporary History of Africa is a pioneering corpus, unparalleled in its ambition to cover the history of the entire African continent, since the appearance of human beings to contemporary challenges faced by Africans and their Diasporas in the world. It is a history that no longer leaves the pre-colonial period in the shadows and that deeply integrates the destiny of Africa into that of humanity by highlighting its relations with the other continents and the contribution of African cultures to the general progress of humanity.

Until now, Africa and its Diasporas have often been presented as distinct groups, separated by oceans that have had only sporadic contact during brief historical moments. The Historical Africa Cultural Center wish to break with this binary and simplistic perspective of relations between Africa and its Diasporas. By this, the Center wishes to make it possible to understand the history of relations between Africans and people of African descent as an interconnected and continuous process, comprising the circulation of people, knowledge, know-how, cultural productions and matrix of the African heritage.

It will also make it possible to go beyond the issue of race and focus on Africa’s multifaceted presence in different regions of the world and the diversity of its influences on other cultures. In addition the General Contemporary History of Africa also provides a better understanding of the aspirations of new generations in Africa and its Diasporas to contribute to the African Renaissance and the construction of a twenty-first century pan-Africanism.