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Our Key Programs

Historical Africa Cultural Center develops vibrant and dynamic cultural projects and programs. With our partners, we aim to make the center a creative community and a vibrant place of discovery, learning and exploration for all residents and visitors.

African Cultural Centre

The galleries and cultural centre will display unique African arts and sculptures, and promote vibrant & dynamic cultural projects, shows and theatrical plays.

Also on display will be fashion and exhibitions of ancient occupational practices, such as textile weaving, that are still widely used on the continent. We will also maintain an online gallery and cultural center.

Resource Centre

Our Resource Centres are designed to provide information on all the countries in the five regions of Africa and the diaspora, i.e. demographics: population, tribes, languages, mineral deposits, business opportunities and family contacts, etc.

This information can be viewed on our Digital and Virtual Displays. On a regular basis we will feature a different region of the five regions and we will cover achievements and contributions of the Diaspora. At the Resource Centers, our Global African Family can meet, discuss and dialog with continental Africans and representatives of African Embassies.

The Inspiration Park

The Inspiration Park will highlight the guiding principles of Integrity, Honesty, Perseverance, Tolerance, Social harmony, Understanding, Love and even African Spirituality, and how they are applied in daily existence of Ancient African Folklores, by taking visitors on a Tour of the Park to experience how these virtues were applied to solving community problems.

It will be a unique experience designed to bring fun and awareness of the Supreme Creator into visitors consciousness. It’ll be a great educational experience.

Community Health Services

Here we’ll provide convenient, flexible, patient-focused, Mobile health services. We plan to provide mobile preventive maintenance of chronic diseases to vulnerable, at-risk and low-income members of the Los Angeles communities.

Community Youth Programs

  1. We plan to provide Entrepreneurship Training.
  2. Business Development Training and Funding through local CDFIs, Community Development Financial Institutions.
  3. Cultural Orientation & Education by participation.

Affordable Housing Development

Here we plan to design and develop apartments, Studios, Motel conversions, for affordable dwellings for underserved displaced minorities and Veterans.